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About Me

My Background

From the time I was able to pick up a pencil or paint brush, I began making my mark in the world.  Growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts from a single parent home, I found comfort in my Art World.  

In school, I won many Art Awards, including the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award and the very first Congressional Art Award.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University Of Massachusetts, Amherst and continued on to earn an Art Education Degree  in Visual Art from Westfield State College.  I taught Fine Art in Public school in both Massachusetts and Florida and earned National Board Certification in Visual Art education.  However, I did not feel complete at this time...something was missing.

In 2010, I resigned from teaching public school. I sold off all my belongings and went off on a very spontaneous adventure across country landing in Mesa, Arizona, the place where it all started!  I excelled in classes at ASU in Tempe, where I was mentored by Internationally known ceramic Artist, Kurt Weiser.  Under Kurts' guidance, I was not only inspired, but found my passion for sculpting in clay.  I returned to Florida with a strong sense of self and from that moment, I began to build my home studio and experiment on my own with clay and glazes.  A few years later, I now own three kilns, have won numerous prestigious Awards and continue to sell my ceramic sculptures and porcelain jewelry.

My Process

Although I still dabble in two dimensional art, I discovered my true passion in three dimensions.  I love that I can first build with my hands and then choose a method to add texture on the surface.  The process fulfills me completely.  I like to experiment with many different types of clay and glazes.  I often layer glazes to create interesting affects on my creations.  Currently, I create sculpture and reliefs for home and commercial decor. I  also design and sell porcelain jewelry.  My sculptures sell from $90 to $1300 for event trophies, collector pieces and home decor. I am currently rolling out my Handmade, Unique Line of Wearable Art Pendants at

My Inspiration

I have always loved the salt water. I enjoy boating in my spare time as well as snorkeling and scuba diving. I am fascinated by marine life and the vast variety of creatures that thrive within the Earths waters.  Many of my pieces are directly influenced by these trips in nature. I love recreating marine and wildlife in my work. I am greatly inspired by the Octopus.  I have even been nicknamed "The Octopus Lady"!

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